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2010-07-16 22:13:51 by GiggaPlex

Just kinda settling in and hoping all goes well. I'm looking to make some new friends and create some good and funny drawings / animations. And also this post sounds really lame :/


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2010-07-16 22:40:04

Haloz noob (don't worry I'm a noob 2)
Most everything here is self-explanatory though do check your My Account button to get options you won't on your normal profile.
You need Firefox to upload drawings because for whatever damn reason Internet Explorer doesn't work, and if you're serious about animation get Adobe CS# but you can of course go with whatever you please.

Also be warned you will soon/eventually be attacked by spammers and trolls, one WILL be known as TheSpammer, you will recognize them as spammers/trolls immediately (trust me there is something about their posts that stands out) so just BAN THEM FIRST and then delete their comment.

Other than those guys NG is a great site so just have fun and please keep a clear head because it isn't just trolls and spammers that can be @$$holes, you and I are not excused.