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2010-07-17 16:16:35 by GiggaPlex

So I really wanna start working on a flash with someone but since I know nothing about it I really wonder how I can contribute. I can draw and come up with ideas but thats all the boring stuff. I want to animate and do voices!



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2010-07-17 16:49:51

Voice acting all you really need is a microphone and a sound program, the program you can get for free but a good mic I know costs about $100, sadly I forgot its name, some studio mic, comes in a box with headset and whole assortment of goodies.

Animating itself you'll need a program, free one is Macromedia flash (last time I checked its free anyway) but there are dozens more with Adobe Flash as the standard (costing at $700 at the moment).

For now just make some drawings in the art portal until you get what you want.

GiggaPlex responds:

I would but I have to get scouted, which is taking longer than I thought. :(


2010-07-18 23:55:12

Yeah, sadly being scouted is a connections thing, you gotta know someone who already is scouted so they can scout you, making an animation or taking part in one may help put you out there but otherwise you better start making really badass stuff.